Company: New Day Consulting LLC


1269 E Century Avenue
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Member ID: mseger

Year started in Franchise Industry: 2010

Areas of Expertise: Exploring all opportunities to acheive your goals

Member Bio:

Makayla Seger has been helping guide entrepreneurs in starting a business for over 20 years. Her approach is based on a passion for helping the entrepreneurial minded achieve their goals of not just starting a business but taking control of their time, to have the time for the things that are most important in their life. Her many years of experience in business has fostered her belief that no one should just rely on a JOB. She encourages every person with the capabilities to have a side gig with multiple streams of income to build and protect their familys financial future. With so many options and opportunities, having someone help you explore the options, providing resources and knowledge is always a benefit. Makayla loves getting to know her clients and providing this service. She has built her business on the premise of the famous Zig Zigler quote You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want. On a personal level, Makayla and her husband of 45 plus years have five children. She is passionate about being Granny Kayla to their 18 grandchildren. Her many hobbies include raising animals on their small farm, gardening and canning homegrown food, sewing, quilting, and 4-Wheeling the mountains of Montana.

Makayla Seger, CFC