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Member ID: ddaszkowski

Year started in Franchise Industry: 2006

Member Bio:

Don has been in the franchise industry for over 15 years. He founded Business Mart, Inc. in 2006 and it became one of the fastest growing small business and franchise search engines and was later acquired by a publicly traded company. Prior to founding Business Mart, Don has worked at many top marketing agencies in New York City servicing Fortune 500 Companies such as Sony, Dell, Procter & Gamble and many others. Don has also worked as a licensed commercial real estate agent, a business broker and a technology advisor. Dons expertise is in creating new technology, marketing and branding. For the last 9 years he has built platforms that several hundred franchise consultants, business brokers, franchisors and small business owners have used to better their businesses. He has taken this experience along with the input from other IFPG Contributing Members to enhance the overall franchise sales process for all franchise professionals. Don has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Update Magazine, Franchising World Magazine, Franchising USA Magazine and is a former Writer for Franchises, which is a New York Times Company.

Don Daszkowski